BeneYOU offers personalised beauty, health and wellness products.
My wide range of products includes Nail products, Hydration products and Gut Health products.
I offer in-home parties to show our products and also a more personal one to ones either in my house in Wibsey or your home.

Jamberry Nail Products

Jamberry offers amazing nail products some of which are totally different from anything else out there. We have vinyl nail wraps in hundreds of designs which are easy to apply and can last up to 2 weeks.
We also have more traditional products such as polish and gels as well and the great thing is all of our products are free from lots of the harmful chemicals which are in a lot of nail products on the market. And of course, to finish that off we have a range of hand and foot care products to compliment them all and help get that perfect look.

M Global Hydration Products

Our hydration products which are actually powered fruits and other natural things, these are powdered using NASA technology to make powders to add to drinks for a range of health benefits. Core AO is our antioxidant drink, Go is a sugar-free energy drink with natural caffeine from green tea, Smart is a Nootropic brain boost, Soul is for enhanced mood, and Trim is for appetite control. We also have an amazing product called Bliss which is a spray for under your tongue which can help you get a more restful sleep.

Avisae Gut Health

Avisae which make a range of gut health products, the first of which are powders you can sprinkle straight into your mouth; repair+ is l-glutamine & fibre gut support, pre+probiotics for digestive and gut health, digestwel+ is a chewable tablet which is a full spectrum digestive aid. There is also pre-workout pixies which again are powders to help give you energy and focus before a workout, and a couple of products to help weight loss Activate and Reduce. 

Debi Hibbert
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