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At Bright Mediation, we combine kindness and expertise to give you the support you need at this difficult time.

Whether you are just separating from your partner, or have been apart for some time, we can help you with the practical issues such as children arrangements, finances, property, communication.

Family Mediation is a way of sorting differences between you and your ex-partner, with the help of a third person who won’t take sides. This third person is called a family mediator.

Family mediation is an increasingly popular alternative to asking the court to make decisions about your family – it works by helping you to find practical solutions that feel fair.

Family mediation isn’t about getting back together.  It gives you the opportunity to talk directly to each other with the help and guidance of a trained professional to work out the issues that matter most to you both going forward.

Family mediation is…

  • Mediation is VOLUNTARY
  • Mediators are IMPARTIAL
  • Mediation is CONFIDENTIAL
  • It’s focused on your CHILDREN
  • It’s FUTURE focused

Family mediation is NOT…

  • Counselling or therapy
  • Marriage guidance
  • A substitute for legal advice
  • An opportunity to impose your view on your former partner

There are many benefits to family mediation over and above other ways of resolving your issues:

  • It gives you more say about what happens. In court, a judge will make the decisions. With mediation, only you and your former partner make decisions.
  • It is less stressful.
  • If you have children, we can help you discuss issues so that you can parent together in the future.
  • It can help find ways for everyone involved to get on better and to continue with important family relationships.
  • It can improve communication between you and your ex-partner.
  • It is quicker AND cheaper – helping you to get on with the rest of your life as quickly as possible.

At Bright Mediation, we offer local and online appointments – to make our service easily accessible to you.

Local – appointments available at Baildon Community Link, 35 Cliffe Avenue, BD17 6NX ….. and other venues nearby

Online video call  – if it is difficult for you to get to a meeting, or you have childcare issues.

Private and Legal Aid Appointments Available.  The Legal Aid eligibility criteria for mediation are less stringent than for court.  If you are on Universal Credit and many other benefits and don’t have significant assets, it is likely that you will qualify.   To find out if you qualify, use the online Legal Aid Checker at or call the Civil Legal Advice service on 0345 345 4345.

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