The name of the group is Baildon Ignition Group – Baildon Chamber of Trade and Commerce, hereinafter called “BIG – Baildon Chamber”


a. BIG – Baildon Chamber will provide a collective opportunity for all local businesses to come together in a dynamic environment to have a voice within the Baildon community

b. BIG aims to promote and represent all business interests in Baildon and to

i. SUPPORT – other businesses, share and learn

ii. PROMOTE – each other and gain business exposure to grow and develop

iii. BE HEARD – Make sure the voice of business is heard on local issues

iv. COLLABORATE – with each other and across Baildon, especially with Baildon Town Council, Bradford Council and the Police


a. Members may be Business owners, traders, retailers, sole traders or partnerships, professionals, or any other type of business interest, providing it is a business based in and /or substantially serving Baildon

b. Membership charge is per business. One person from the business may attend with a second person from that business. Any extra person from the business will be charged a visitors fee for that meeting

c. Applications for membership shall be considered by the BIG Executive Committee, (“the Committee”) who may, in its absolute discretion, admit or reject the applicant. The membership secretary will then be requested to amend the member’s list and database accordingly

d. The Committee will consider applications for membership of BIG from any non profit making Baildon based Community Groups. The Committee will make the final decision on whether the application is successful. Associate Memberships are complimentary and renewal will be at the continual discretion of the Committee. Associate Members will not be eligible to vote.


a. A minimum of six General Member Meetings will be held annually. The meetings will normally be held on the third Wednesday of the month but will not be convened in August and December

b. Additional meetings may be convened by the Committee, provided that there is at least two weeks notice given to all members

c. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held each year in May and will be followed immediately by a General Meeting

d. Special meetings can be held if local circumstances dictate, and agreed by the Committee or if at least 10 members of BIG so request to the Secretary. A minimum of 2 weeks notice of such meetings must be given to all members, including an Agenda for the meeting

e. The President and Secretary will draw up Agendas for meetings, in consultation with the Committee. The Agenda will be circulated with at least two weeks notice


a. Every paid up member shall be entitled to one vote. Voting will be by a show of hands. There will, however, be only one eligible vote for each business, even if there is more than one representative from a particular business present

b. In the case of a tied vote, the President shall have a casting vote

c. The President will adjudicate in the event of any dispute over voting, including eligibility


a. The annual subscription for BIG shall become due on the 18th April. The subscription period is 1st April to 31st March each year

b. The subscription level for the following year will be set each year at the AGM, having regard to the advice of the Treasurer

c. If the subscription due for the year has not been paid by the start of the AGM in May, any business in default in this regard will be deemed to be no longer a member


a. The management of BIG – Baildon Chamber, including financial management and communications, will be entrusted to an Executive Committee (“the Committee”)

b. The composition of the Committee shall comprise the following:

i. President

ii. Vice President

iii. Treasurer

iv. Secretary

v. Membership Secretary

vi. Director of Communications

vii. Social Secretary

viii. Business Development

c. All Committee members will be elected at the Annual General Meeting in May. They will all be elected to serve for the forthcoming year

d. Nominations for the Executive Committee appointments should be sent to the Secretary no later than March 31st prior to the AGM. Nominations can be sent via writing/email, signed by a fully subscribed member, and also the person nominated

e. The election will be by those present, by a show of hands, at the AGM. Only those actually in attendance may vote, one ballot per business represented

f. The Committee may at any time co-opt other members to fill casual vacancies. Co-opted Executive Committee members shall serve until the next elections at the AGM

g. All Committee members except the President will from time to time chair sub-committees or working groups as and when issues and policies demand. The President is an ex-officio member of all subcommittees/groups

h. The Executive Committee shall determine between themselves a meeting schedule but must meet at least four times per year, and usually not more than 10 times per year. A majority of the committee will need to be present


a. No funds arising from the work of BIG – Baildon Chamber shall be applied otherwise than for the benefit of BIG, or for charitable or benevolent purposes, as chosen by resolution of the Executive Committee

b. Full accounts of the financial affairs of BIG shall be maintained by the Treasurer and shall be examined every year by an independent examiner appointed by the Executive Committee. The accounts will be drawn up to 31st March each year

c. Verified accounts shall be presented annually to the AGM, and approval sought

d. The Executive Committee shall approve all expenditure and any cheques should be signed by any two of the three approved signatories appointed and mandated by the Executive Committee

e. The Treasurer may set up arrangements to make payments electronically, but only after approval of such payments by the Committee


a. BIG – Baildon Chamber – is fully committed to openness and transparency and will make public all Agendas and Minutes of meetings, on request, unless there is an explicit reason for not doing so


a. BIG – Baildon Chamber – may be dissolved by resolution passed at an AGM or Special Meeting provided that at least 28 days notice in writing of the proposal to dissolve has been given by the Secretary to each ordinary member whose membership is current and their subscription up to date

b. Any funds held at dissolution may be donated to another organisation whose aims and objectives are considered by the members to be compatible with those of BIG – Baildon Chamber

c. Failing 9b above, the funds should be awarded to one or more local charities, as agreed at the dissolution meeting